Challange 1.

  • Large events, which include large learning events are a no-go given COVID. Learning is often relegated to video conferencing, which can be disengaging, giving no sense of community or a joint learning experience. Also – it can be an extremely dull environment to try to learn in.  Can we solve that problem for both students, universities, and industry? 


  • Solution: Create a super consumable 3d/Vr learning environment where presentations and workshops can be hosted, which integrates Watson A.I to walk participants through how to fully benefit from the environment. Participants appear as avatars in the room and are able to engage with the environment. 

Challange 2.

Most unnecessary use of AI – Have fun and make something absurd 

Challange 3.

A Microsoft Teams Bot for remote classrooms that allows teachers to create flash cards and questions which the bot can present to the students, and feedback results to the teacher. 


IBM Prize

Access to IBM Academic Initiative & £300 prize


Majestic Prize

5x Sega Mega Drive Minis (max one per person)


Pinewood Prize

Amazon Voucher (£100)


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